List of Posters

Poster sessions are scheduled on Friday, June 25 from 14:00 to 16:00
and on Saturday, June 26 from 9:00 to 10:30.

All the posters are expected to be displayed at both sessions. 



1.      Superhydrophobic floatability of a hydrophilic object driven by edge effect
F.-M. Chang, Y.-J. Sheng, H.-K. Tsao (Taiwan)

2.      Wetting behavior of a drop atop holes
D.-H. Chou, Y.-J. Sheng, H.-K. Tsao (Taiwan)

3.      The interfacial properties of cationic surfactants/polyanions systems
K. Szczepanowicz, G. Para,  A. Hamerska –Dudra, K. A Wilk, P. Warszyński (Poland)

4.      Silica sources hydrolysis as a mechanism of microencapsules formation
K. Szczepanowicz , D. Dronka – Góra, G. Para, A. M. Bouzga, C. Simon, J. Yang, P. Warszyński (Poland, Norway)

5.      Thickness and stability of PLL-casein multilayers
L. Szyk-Warszyńska, J. Piekoszewska, P.Warszyński (Poland)

6.      Shear viscoelastic research of Nd:YAG nanoparticles dispersed in ethylene glycol
B. B. Damdinov, T. S. Dembelova, B.B. Badmaev, M. Reinecker and W. Schranz (Russia,  Austria)

7.      Influence of the liquid film dimensions on the bubble bouncing from various interfaces
J. Zawala, K. Malysa (Poland)

8.      Probing of porous media with water molecules
V.G. Artemov, P.O. Kapralov, A.A. Leskin, V.I. Tikhonov, A.A. Volkov (Russia)

9.      The method of investigation of dynamic surface tension of model and biological liquids
S.Yu. Zaitsev, V.I. Maximov, I.V. Milaeva, E. N. Zarudnaya, R. Miller (Russia, Germany)

10. Electrostatic interactions between spherical particle with dipolar charge distribution and charged surface
P. Warszynski, P. Dyshlovenko, P. Dejardin (Poland, Russia, France)

11. The interaction of antimicrobial peptides with biomimetic systems: a monolayer study
G. Brezesinski, C. Olak, O. Travkova, J. Andrä (Germany)

12. Capillary pressure of microdrops deforms thin elastomer films: Influence of elasticity and film thickness
R. Pericet-Cámara, G.K. Auernhammer, K. Koynov, S Lorenzoni, R. Raiteri, E. Bonaccurso (Spain, Germany, Italy)

13. Development of Superhydrophobic Coatings to Impart the Antiicing Properties for Aluminium Surface
A.M. Ikaev, A.S. Pashinin, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B.Boinovich (Russia)

14.  The dependence of the shear modulus of polar fluids on the surface wettability
Badmaev B.B., Dembelova T.S., Makarova D.N., Budaev O.R. (Russia)

15. Numerical calculations of van der Waals forces between nanoparticles
K. A. Emelyanenko, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich (Russia)

16.   Methods for separation of fast and slow atomic motions as a basis for analysis of dynamic structure of nanoparticles
D.L. Tytik
, V.I. Kuzmin, A.F. Gadzaov, D.K. Belaschenko, A.N. Sirenko (Russia)

17. Wetting/adsorption aqueous films on the top of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces
A.S. Pashinin
, A.M. Emelyanenko, L.B. Boinovich (Russia) 

18. Wetting behaviour and wetting transitions of alkanes on aqueous surfaces
L.B. Boinovich, A.M. Emelyanenko (Russia) 

19. Molecular statistical calculation of amino acids adsorption from a gas and liquid phase and comparison with experiment
Kuznetsova E.S. and Buryak A. K. (Russia)

20.  Specific ion effect in dispersion of refraction indexes of salt solutions
F.M. Shagieva, G.I. Scherbina, L.B. Boinovich (

21. Superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings for the protection of low-carbon steel against corrosion in continuous contact with water
D.A. Alpysbayeva
, D.B. Vershok, A.M. Emelyanenko, A.S. Pashinin, L.B. Boinovich

22. Influence of substrate nature on the degree of orientational ordering in wall-adjacent layers of nonmesogenic liquids
Popovskii A.Yu., Mikhailenko V.I. (Ukraine)

23.   Device of the transformation charged particles beams using dielectric capillaries
Lagutin A.E. (Belarus)

24. The structures of surface substancies and adsorption energy at the interaction of hydrogen with surfaces of the iron-group metals 
Zaitsev A.L., Pleskachevsky Yu. M. (Belarus)

25. Stabilizing and destabilizing properties of lignosulfonates
K.N.Bolatbayev, T.N. Lugovitskaya, A.V. Kolosov, V.V. Setrov (Kazakhstan)

26.  Stabilization of gas nanobubbles in aqueous solutions 
Korchagina E., Zozulya O. (

27. Electrical potential distribution between two planar, cyindrical, and spherical surfaces in a salt-free medium
Hsu J. P., Huang C. H., Tseng S. (Taiwan)

28. Electrical interaction between two parallel particles of elliptic cross section covered by an ion-penetrable charged membrane in oil-water interface
S. Tseng, L.F. Cheng, J.P. Hsu (Taiwan)

29. Surface forces and phenomena in heterophilic disperse systems 
V. Y. Smorodin (USA)

30. Simulation of the macroscopic interface forces from the first principles 
Kuklin R., Emets V. (Russia)

31. Self-assembly in evaporated colloidal microdroplet including the submicroparticles adsorbed the styryl dye molecules on its surface
Lebedev-Stepanov P., Eroshenko L., Alfimov M. (Russia)

32. Biodistribution study of rifampin bound to surfactant-coated polymeric nanoparticles
O. Maksimenko, A. Bud’ko, L. Vanchugova, E. Shipulo, J. Kreuter, S. Gelperina (Russia, Germany)

33. Orientation effect of new nanostructural DLC coatings
V.A. Levchenko, I.A. Buyanovsky, Z.V. Ignatieva, V.N.Matveenko (Russia)

34. Monolayers and self-organized discrete multilayers of polyorganosiloxanes (on the Langmuir-trough).
S.I.Belousov (Russia)

35. The influence of surfactants on stability of heavy-oil residue dispersions
N.P. Krut’ko, O.N. Opanasenko, E.F. Ostrovskaya, N.V. Yakavets (Belarus)

36. Phosphorylated polymers as a matrice for nano size particles
Alosmanov R.M., Azizov A.A., Maharramov A.M., Bunyad-zadeh I.A., Akhmedova N.F. (Azerbaijan)

37. Advanced electron microscopy method for characterization of the biosurfaces of medical implants
T.V. Pavlova, L.A. Pavlova, A.V. Nesterov (Russia)

38. Ab initio calculation of shear strength of diamond interfaces
G. Zilibotti, M. Reguzzoni, M. Ferrario, M. C. Righi (Italy)