Organization of the boat cruise, including all the necessary formalities, is performed by tourist firm "IntelService Center" which is authorised by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the official invitations for a visa.


Participants from majority of countries will need a visa to visit Russia. Please check in advance with Russian Consular Department in your country if this is a case for you.


To apply for a visa, usually the formal invitation from authorised organisation is required.


Please be informed that such a formal invitation is valid for 3 months before first entry to Russia. It means that you should apply for the invitation not earlier than March 20, 2010.


You and your accompanying persons are adviced to apply for tourist visas, as they are both easier to get from the Embassy and cheaper than any kind of Business visas.


When filling in the "application for tourist visa support" form, please indcate in the line “List of cities to be visited” the following text (you can use Copy&Paste option) : Moscow, boat cruise, St. Petersburg.


To apply for the tourist visa support (after March 20, 2010), please go to the VISA SUPPORT page (opens in a new window), and click on “Apply now” link below the paragraph “Tourist Invitation”.


Please note that both issuing visa support documents and processing the visa are subject for some processing fees which depend on country of applicant and are not included into the Conference Fees.