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Category of participant Early registration (before March 1, 2014) Late registration (after March 1, 2014) On-site registration
Regular participant 450 € 500 € 550 €
PhD student 250 € 280 € 330 €
Accompanying person 190 € 220 € 270 €

Type of room1
Single Standard 270 € (for 4 nights)
Twin Standard (shared with another participant) 190 € (for 4 nights / per 1 person)
Double Standard 380 € (for 4 nights / per 1 room)
I don’t need an accommodation at the Conference hotel 0 €

1 Please note that there is a limited number of rooms of other types, like family 3-room apartment, luxury room with a fire-place etc. Please consult the website of the hotel, http://
Those wishing other than a standard type of accommodation please apply to the Conference secretariat by E-mail or write your requirements in the Comment box below.
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